Book Review: The Road to Becoming

“Give me roads and I will give you my story.”

In her book The Road to Becoming, Jenny Simmons does just that. The book honestly explores the roads that led Simmons to where she is now. Through the following five sections she opens her life up to readers: The Dreaming and Destruction, The Burying, The Lostness, The Waiting, and The Becoming.

Simmons’ story is relevant and relatable. We have all felt our dreams die, had to grieve burying them, wandered through being lost without our dreams to guide us, lost patience learning to wait, and finally realized God’s plan all along was at play.

Simmons laid to rest the dream of her band, learned how to raise her baby girl, struggled to make a home, and listened for God’s voice. She honestly shares her trials and triumphs along her road to becoming in a way that inspires readers. Her book encourages those who are trying to figure out what to do when plans don’t go as planned. Reading her book leaves readers with the sense that they can trudge traverse their own roads and come out stronger. 


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