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Exploring Historic Marietta

The most asked question about this trip: Why Marietta? The short answer can be found in this blog article. After seeing the Lafayette Hotel, we knew we found our destination. Our after researching the town and discovering the historical significance of the area (first territory settled in the Northwest!) we looked into a stay at the Lafayette. Unfortunately, our last minute planning failed us here as we were too late to book a room for the upcoming weekend. Our next place to look was Airbnb where I found this gem of a house:
A tiny house (literally!) right on the Muskingum River, about a five minute drive from Historic Marietta. Score! If you have never stayed in a tiny house, I highly recommend it. It forces you to be cozy and spend quality time with the person you are with as there is no personal escape space. Not even in the bathroom - which didn't have a door - in this house was an escape; It was more necessity. It also helps you realize all the clutter in your own house is t…

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