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The Comeback

Earlier this month, I had the privilege to accompany high school students from Grace Polaris Church to Momentum Youth Conference in Indiana. For five days, we lived the college life at Indiana Wesleyan University. We slept in dorms and ate in the cafeteria. Aside from the great fellowship and group time during these experiences, our main focus was attending the conference sessions. Each morning and evening the conference, comprised of 2,300 students and adult leaders from across the Midwest, was led into worship by the Jordan Howerton Band. Following worship, dynamic speakers and pastors spoke on topics related to the theme of the week, The Comeback.

The idea behind the comeback is no matter if you are coming to Jesus for the first time or the hundredth time, you can always come back to him. Stories such as the woman at the well (John 4) and Moses (Exodus 2) were explored as examples of those who came and responded to Jesus. Pastor Keith Minear, speaking from Luke 9:23 said, “The com…

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