Book Review: Making it Home

“One minute I live in peace, kissing my husband’s cheek and loving on my children, and the next I’m a two-year-old begging attention, crying stupid” (Wierenga 33).

In the her book Making it Home, Emily T. Wierenga opens her heart and share her experience of learning to be a wife, mother, and author. She is honest about her struggle with an eating disorder. She invites her readers into the quiet places of need in her soul. She shares her desire for affirmation through publishing a book. She opens up about her journey of motherhood and miscarriages.

Through reading the everyday occurrences of Emily’s life, readers find comfort in knowing they are not alone. Emily’s trials are real and raw and so relatable. How any women have endured a miscarriage and then suffered through the agony of the questions that follow? How many girls lacked attention from a father and expressed that through an eating disorder? How many working mothers have strained to find a balance between her family and her career? How many women have opened their hearts and homes up to foster children and struggled with loving them as their own? How many women have been stretched so thin they snap at their husbands over something they later regret? How many authors have felt rejection from publishers and second guessed their own work?

Emily’s unique writing style, combined with her exceptional content, makes this book a great read. Her truthful statements and honest stories rivet the reader to the pages, causing a sense of urgency to know what follows. This book truly is a page-turner filled with truth, insight, and encouragement. 


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