Mason-Covert Wedding

Last month, I had the privilege of traveling to Nampa, Idaho, to photograph my cousin’s wedding. 
It was a great week of catching up with family, meeting new people, and creating memories. 

It was a special time for me, watching the cousin I held as a baby now pledge her life as a woman to her best friend.  

We anxiously watched the weather all week, praying for a cool and breezy day. Thankfully, the chance of rain dimished as the day drew closer and by the time Saturday rolled around we had a slightly overcast day in the mid-70s. We could not have asked for better weather! 

One of the best parts for me about photographing weddings is getting the behind-the-scenes look. As a photographer, everyone wants you to be around when special moments happen so you can capture them. For this particular wedding, I was there when the families prayed with her children before the ceremony, when the my aunt laced up my cousin's dress, when the groomsmen pinned their boutonieres, when my cousin saw the sweet note my uncle left her in the room where she was getting dressed, just to name a few. 

The couple was not only supported by their families, but they also had a huge group of friends who stood by them while they committed their lives to each other. It was a fun time for me watching the group of friends interact and getting to see their personalities emerge through the wedding process. 

The ceremony, which was officiated by the bride's father (my uncle) was simple and elegant. He talked about the meaning of marriage and what it meant for their lives to come together as one. He likened married to two pieces of paper being glued together; they are permanently stuck and cannot be separated without damage to both parties. Such are two lives that are pledged to one another. He charged both husband and wife with their marriage roles and responsibilities, and blessed the union of them as they shared their vows. 
Keeping the beach theme going, the couple included a uninity sand moment, where both bride and groom poured sand into a container together while The Prayer played in the background. The joining of the sand symbolized their two separate lives, families, and friends joining together in a way that cannot be separated. 

Following the ceremony, the bridal party had some fun shots, complete with leis and sunglasses, taken at a nearby park before ending up at the reception. The couple shared their first dance on a beach themed, handmade dancefloor. 

As a suprise for the bride, the groom and groomsmen coordinated a dance routine to kick-off the night of dancing that followed. Uptown Funk, Single Ladies, and the Space Jam Theme were all incorporated into the routine, amongst other well-known hits. 

After the guys finished their routine, everyone jumped on the dance floor and enjoyed the music (I even got in on the action!). 

After cake, toasts, dinner, and hours of dancing, the newly married couple left in style with a bubble send off. 

Thanks, Sara and David, for letting me be part of your special day! 


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