Bieber Mill

Bieber Mill in Delaware County 

Built in the mid-1840's, the Bieber Mill is over a century and a half old. The original structure was built as a gristmill, powered by the Olentangy River that runs close by, and was used for grinding grain into flour. In the late 1870's, the mill was purchased by George Bieber, who then passed it on to his son James. James purchased the surrounding land, and eventually owned 100 acres surrounding the mill. James added a sawmill onto the existing gristmill, a six-story structure with a limestone frame, which is the only part still standing. Unfortunately, James was unable to support the mill and eventually was forced to sell. Most of the structure James built was never used for milling purposes. 

The mill changed hands several times over the next five decades, before it was eventually destroyed by a fire in the early 1920's. The wooden gristmill, as well as the roof, floor, and support beams on the sawmill, burned in the fire, leaving only the limestone shell standing. Today, the mill is owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. 

Sadly, the mill has not been maintained for the past several years. The beautiful stone structure has fallen pray to defacing graffiti, overgrown weeds, and "Do Not Enter" signs have been posted. 


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