Book Review: No Fear in Love

“Can we engage in a real discussion with the principles of Jesus at the forefront of our conversation?” Andy Braner asks in his newest book, No Fear in Love. His book dives into the heart of why we fear “others” and how to overcome those barriers in order to love. He shares several personal experiences where he had to set aside his own convictions and preconceived notions in order to truly hear what the other person was saying, and to learn how to love them best.

Jesus did not always walk with those who agreed with him, or who thought the same way as him, or those who were raised the same way as him. He did, however, love everyone. And he calls us to the same standard.

Braner encourages his readers to think outside of the box, and learn to truly see others the way God made them. He acknowledges that the lifestyle choices of our current culture are not always biblical, and they often clash with what we have been taught. He also acknowledges that regardless of what a person believes, they were still created in God’s image, and they still need to be loved. Through practical advice and soul searching, Braner helps readers to realize their own fears and notions they might have, and how to overcome those in order to love others the way God loves us. 


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