Book Review: We Need to Talk

There are very few phrases in the English language that when spoken cause an immediate stirring of emotion. “I love you” is simply three words strung together in a sentence, yet those words hold so much inside of them. They are a reminder of the past, the stability of the present, the promise of the future. Songs, poems, books, and movies have all been created around the emotions of those three little words.

Another phrase is “We need to talk.” However, this phrase rarely elicits the warm, fuzzy feelings that “I love you” brings up. People usually only use this four word phrase when there is an issue that needs to be discussed. Where as saying “I love you” causes butterflies in someone’s stomach, saying “we need to talk” causes someone’s stomach to drop to their knees.

In Dr. Linda Mintle’s book We Need to Talk, she takes that little phrase and uses it for positive outcomes in seemingly hopeless situations. Known as “the Relationship Doctor,” Dr. Mintle is both experienced and knowledgeable in navigating conflict. Throughout her book, she uses scripture, personal experience, and practical tips to help readers understand the need for conflict resolution. She addresses issues from trust, how do deal conflict avoiders, how to live with other’s differences, dealing with difficult In-Laws, parenting, and much more.

Dr. Mintle not only addresses the issues, but she gets to the root of it, and suggests methods of resolution. Her down-to-earth writing style makes this book easy to read and easy to understand. I am confident that if anyone is in need of a little encouragement or advice on how to handle a topic, this book is the answer. 


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