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Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help

Just over a week has passed since Hurricane Harvey hit Eastern Texas. When the storm made landfall on August 25, it was a Category 4 hurricane. Many affected areas received up to 40 inches of rain in a matter of days that resulted in massive flooding, destroying thousands of homes and claiming the lives of dozens of people.  Rescues and relief efforts have been constant for the last 8 days by various organizations and charities, both locally and nationally.
Many of us in the Midwest see little first-hand repercussions aside from cooler, rainy weather and higher gas prices. If one does not watch the news or follow news outlets on social media, it would be all too easy to ignore the situation. However, thousands of miles separation should not be an excuse for lack of compassion and action.
While not all of us can hop on a plane and fly into the area to physically aid the relief efforts, there are other ways we can all be involved in helping those affected by Harvey. Many organizations a…

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