Book Review: Dream with Me

Author and social activist John Perkins addresses hot-button issues in his book, Dream with Me. Growing up in the South in the 1930s, Perkins saw his fair share of racial injustice. He has dedicated his whole life to battling inequality and preaching the reconciliation message of Jesus Christ in the Gospel.

Perkins uses personal examples mixed with practical advice to urge reconciliation through the Gospel. He acknowledges that humanly we will never all be at peace with each other. However, if we all see one another as God's children, and treat them with respect and compassion, we can overcome differences and live agreeably.

Perkins writes, "I want to see us continue on this journey toward developing and practicing theology that embraces both the redemptive justice of the cross and social and economic justice in our communities" (p 109). On the next page he continues his thought saying, "I'm sure that my understanding of justice is not yet complete, but the best I've been able to discern so far through prayer, study, and much thought is this: justice is any act of reconciliation that restores any part of God's creation back to its original intent, purpose, or image" (p 110).

Justice and reconciliation go hand in hand. It is near impossible to have one without the other. If we want to experience true reconciliation with those who are different, we have to champion justice for each other. Justice brings reconciliation as it breaks down walls and barriers that keep us separate.

This book is perfect for anyone who is looking for a greater, more biblical, understanding of justice. In a world of chaos and injustice, it's easy to get discouraged. This book offers encouragement and insight to help us understand view of God's justice, and how as his children we can exemplify that and live it out with one another every day.


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